Friday, July 18, 2008

Second Chance by Jane Green

At last, I'm finished! I managed to still get done in time even though I misread the rules and had to switch 2 books at the last minute.

My review of British chick lit author Jane Green's Second Chance is here.

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  1. Sorry I am a little late posting what I read, but it is summer and I was away. It will be posted by Wed to the groups site as well.

    1 Cooper, Michael L.Jamestown, 1607
    2. Iles, Greg 3rd Degree
    3. Iles, Greg 24 HOurs
    4. Parker, Robert B. The #100 Baby
    5. Craig, Philip R. Second Sight
    6. Dolan, Edward Disastr 1906
    7. Evanovitch, Janet 10 Big Ones
    8. GGardner, Lisa The Third Victim



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