Sunday, January 4, 2009

NOTICE: On Labelling Your Posts

I'd like this blog to be a simple way to look up books with numbers in them so please label as follows:

your name (so we know it's your post)
fiction or non-fiction or children's or teens fiction or non-fiction
you can add a genre if it makes sense (i.e. mystery, historical fiction)
If it's about the Holocaust, add that as a label
the number in the title*

*if it's between 1-9, the labels look like this: 1_One, 2_Two so it will be one label whether the number is spelled out or it's the numeral. For numbers above 10, please add it as a numeral if it's a numeral and a spelled out word if it's a spelled out word. So if your book says Fifteen, add the label Fifteen. If it says 15, add label 15.

If I see posts that aren't labelled right I will relabel them. I'm not trying to be difficult I just want it to be easy to navigate when looking for books.

NOTE: Look at the labels on the side to see what's already been used, it might give you an idea of something fitting to add to your post.

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