Thursday, February 14, 2008

2nd Chance

I was hooked with the first one and enjoyed the second one as well. Lindsay Boxer is the type of woman I want to be...maybe minus being shot at and such. I also need a group of women like Jill, Claire, and Cindy to be able to meet up with for margaritas when I need a collective thinking effort. Since I don't have all that I'll make do with the book. Poor Lindsay has to deal with her father's past in this one but comes out shining, albeit a little black and blue.

I'm half way through 3rd Degree and have Three Cups of Tea in my bag. The next review shouldn't be long to follow.

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  1. I love that series although I've been slow in reading it. I've only finished the first four.

    Sorry I haven't been responding. Could you post your review of 1st to Die to the group blog?


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