Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finished up

I didn't get my last few (sort of got behind on the blogging part) on here but here they are....

I read 1 through 7 of the Women's Murder Mystery Series by James Patterson in addition to the previously mentioned Three Cups of Tea.

The last one on the list was Two in the Far North by Margaret Murie. I am moving to Fairbanks, AK in a month and this was part of my purchases when I was up there in June. It's the amazing story and journals of Margaret Murie, one of the women pioneer's in the world of conserving the great outdoors for all to enjoy. She moved to Fairbanks when she was 9 and spent a large portion of her life in Alaska before moving to Wyoming where she and her husband continued to work for the national conservatory group.

Two in the Far North tells the tale of Murie's young years growing up but also her travels with her naturalist/biologist husband through the then unchartered lands of Alaska, tracking caribou and geese. They even took their newborn son on one said research trip. Truly an amazing adventure capturing the heart and soul of Alaska.

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